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Creately Desktop 1.8

Creates all kinds of flowcharts and diagrams
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Generate flowcharts, mind maps, UML, database diagrams, mockups and other similar documents by importing and exporting data in the specialized suite supporting multiple templates and smart objects or manually drawing any kind of structural design. Created documents are updatable.

Creately is a diagramming app that allows you to create Flowcharts, Mind Maps, UML, Database diagrams, Mockups or just about anything visual and collaborate with others right from your desktop.
Draw Anything

Diagramming is a breeze with Creately Desktop, making it easy to draw just about anything from your desktop or your browser. You can draw Flowcharts, UI Mockups, Mind Maps, UML diagrams, DB diagrams or just about anything to help you visually solve a problem.

Draw Anywhere

Creately Desktop is cross platform and runs on Windows, Mac or Linux. Your diagrams automatically sync to the cloud meaning no more email attachments or USB drives to worry about. It allows you to work from where ever you are, both on and offline. You can work in a way that suits you. Read More?

Clear Visual Communication

Creately helps you to avoid confusion and ensure the clarity of your projects by working with a clear set of diagrams. You can share your work and collaborate with your team through Creately. Team members can simply log-in to, for free, to comment and review diagrams.

Really Beautiful Diagrams

Give your presentations, reports and webpages the professional touch. Your diagrams can look stunning with our versatile ready-made templates, image search from Google and and the complete spectrum of colours, gradients and fills. You'll want to show them off.

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